Creative Design Concepts & Prototyping Inc
Where your ideas take shape
If a picture speaks 1000 words then our models speak MILLIONS!
If you are involved in a complex design project then our services can help you to ....

  • Develop concepts quickly and effectively using our concept selection procedure
  • Explore the fit and function of your design using production-like materials produced
    from our 3D printing technology
  • Lower the cost of design and development by getting more information from our
    rapid prototype models and conducting rapid design iterations with focused
    improvement - avoid unnecessary changes and iterations
  • Keep clients and contractors informed on the physical specifications and manage
    realistic expectations on the final product
  • Maintain compliance to regulations using a physical model instead of a set of
  • Convert 2D legacy prints into 3D parametric and physical models
  • Produce low-cost pilot production, project planning and test models

Our goal is to serve the general public, engineering professionals and inventors world-wide
by using our expertise, creativity and technology

We are also able to assist in the manufacturing planning, tooling and actual production in
several materials including steel, plastic polymers and wood.  We are ready to participate in
housing and building design, product development and invention support.

Everyone can make better decisions from the information presented in a CDCP model.
We are your Solid Modeling Professionals
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